About Two Moons Consulting

Two Moons Consulting is a team of Google Qualified marketing experts who specialise in creating and managing search marketing campaigns, social media strategies, graphic and web design, and other forms of online and offline marketing opportunities for their clients. Employees of Two Moons Consulting have been personally trained by Google to build high quality online campaigns that assist companies of all sizes achieve their online business goals.

The key to our success has been the collaboration with our clients in our approach to digital marketing. Through regular meetings with our clients, Two Moons team members acquire a deeper understanding of a client’s business, their goals and the opportunity to educate them in aspects of online marketing.  This approach builds trust and demonstrates transparency and accountability.


We deal closely with our clients, in person, by phone and email to make sure their marketing is getting results. Our Perth-based clients see us regularly (even those in rural areas) and we also make an effort to meet with our interstate clients. How we interact is on your terms - If you'd like us to come and visit you monthly, we will. If you're super busy and prefer to communicate via phone or email, that's OK too.


We are completely open with our clients as to where their money is being used, and provide comprehensive monthly reports so you can track your results, your spend, and most importantly, your return on investment. Too many businesses have invested money into digital marketing and not known what their money was spent on, or what the results were. It's our aim to combat this problem.


Our team keep up to date on new media technologies and developments and will be the first to identify new opportunities for your business. If we have an idea that we think will work for you, we'll let you know. One of our favourite things is growing our clients, and educating them along the way. This enables you to keep your business ahead of your competitors! We pride ourselves on our service. We work closely with our clients and develop strong and long term relationships with them.

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