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Think Tanks

Running a business without a plan is like setting out on a road trip without a map. You have an idea of where you would like to go, but no tools to help you get there. That's where marketing comes in.

A Think Tank allows us to work in-depth with you to assess your business and assist you in preparing marketing strategies to meet your goals. We take the time to really learn about your business so we're on the same page and ready to lift your business to the next level.

Meet with us in a closed environment to focus on the business you're building and how you want to reach your business goals. The Think Tank Session takes approx. 3-4 hours, where we will work through a variety of questions designed to give us the best understanding of your business currently, your past marketing activities and results and where you would like to take the business moving forward.

A Quick Overview of the Entire Process

Once we agree that the 'Think Tank' will take place, you are sent through a tick list of 'homework' to prepare. This means all the documentation is ready for the session and reduces the time required initially.

  • As initial preparation, we’ll require some basic financial figures such as your gross annual turnover, last 12 months marketing spend and current spending obligations. We’ll discuss yield to identify the most profitable areas of business and where there is potential for growth. It is also an advantage if you have any records of your lead generation and conversion, however if not we will also help you to implement a system to track in the future.
  • Following the session, we perform market research into your industry, analyse your current activities and their effectiveness which is reported to you in the first half of the document. The second part is a comprehensive marketing plan designed to be implemented in 90-day blocks.
  • This process takes about 2 weeks. Once you have received and read the document, you decide which activities you want to proceed with (full costs for each are given as part of the plan).
  • A Gantt chart is then provided which steps out when each activity will occur and also gives you a cash flow spread sheet for the 90 days.
  • As part of the suggested plan, we include consultancy hours in order to implement each activity for you and report back on a weekly basis, so helping you to know exactly what your ROI is.
  • Payment wise, we require 50% deposit prior to the Think Tank session and then 50% upon delivery of the entire report and plan.

All our discussions are confidential and we are happy to sign a non-disclosure document if you wish.

Social Media Think Tanks

About to launch into the world of social media? We can run a planning Think Tank to ensure you remain on message, use the most effective channels, and are engaging with the right listeners for your business.

New Product Thank Tanks

Bringing a new product to market? Starting with market research under your belt and a planned rollout of marketing strategies could make all the difference.

Consolidation Think Tanks

Are you sick of feeling like your marketing is just "ad hoc"? A Consolidation Think Tank will help you by identifying the most effective marketing channels for your business. Once we have identified the channels, we plan ahead - so you can feel secure knowing every well thought out move in advance.

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