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Improve Your Website

Technology changes so fast, and the way people use technology changes even faster. You should be reviewing your website and its performance on an ongoing basis.

Our strategists are Google Analytics Authorized Consultants and use heat-mapping technology on their clients websites, monitoring how people browse, what they click on and what they ignore.

Truly understanding how people use your website enables you to asses its performance, make changes to optimise performance and move on – quickly. All this while your competitors are still sitting on the same website they had built five years ago.

What percentage of people are viewing your website on an iPad? An iPhone? For the first time? For the fifth time? Do they click on your video? How many users begin the check-out process, only to drop off part-way through the process?

You should be able to get the answers to those questions, make adjustments to your website, and watch the results improve.

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