Building a lead generating website

Is your website generating leads?


Many companies often fail to leverage the power of digital marketing because their website simply doesn’t meet the expectations of prospective clients. You shouldn’t be spending a lot on digital marketing activities that drive traffic to your website if you are not converting them into leads. Your website is your key marketing and business development tool and every prospect and every referral will go there to check you out.

There are some critical things you need to ensure that your website is delivering:

1. Clear messaging

It is wise to spend time writing your website copy to ensure that it is clear and written in the language of your target clients. If you don’t have a person in your organization who is good at writing then you should spend the money to engage the services of a professional copywriter to get your message across. Your website needs to communicate: What you do, who you do it for, and why choose you.

2. Distinctive professional imagery

Design and imagery selection are critical in order to make your website and by default- your business more memorable and distinctive. You must stand out from the crowd and thereby avoiding the use of cliché imagery. Select imagery that reflects your brand and culture and if possible use your own images. You need to emotionally connect with your audience.

3. Responsive Design

With 1.5 billion smart phones worldwide, mobile browsing numbers now greatly exceed those browsing on desktops therefore ensuring your website communicates your key messages on a mobile device is more important than ever as it maybe your only chance to make that first impression. There are currently estimated to be over 350 screen sizes.

4. Content

The content of your site is still the main driver of SEO. The content on your site should be useful to your clients as well as showcasing your expertise. If your clients find it useful they will come back for more so you need to continually update your blogs, articles and videos so it stays fresh and interesting.


So, take some time to review your website and make sure that it is ticking the boxes on these fundamental building blocks. Ask your clients as well what they think about your site and how it can be improved.

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