Another Reason You Should Be Integrating Google Ads into Your Marketing Strategy

The ongoing task of ensuring integrity, security and trust when making a Google search has never been more important than it is now. With many people stuck at home relying on Google to provide them with the most accurate, up to date information on what’s going on around the world, it’s not surprising this tech giant has come up against some issues.

With the ongoing crisis of COVID-19 affecting everyone around the world, we are noticing people left and right working to take advantage of the various opportunities this situation brings. While many legitimate business owners and entrepreneurs are utilising Google Advertising to promote their quality products and services at competitive market prices, some individuals are trying to exploit desperate customers and take advantage of the less fortunate members of our community.

The Vice President of Product Management, Ads Privacy & Safety, Scott Spencer, has noted that “in the beginning of the pandemic Google started to notice certain individuals trying to leverage Google’s Advertising platform to mislead the public”. Google has since formed a dedicated task force who have blocked tens of millions of coronavirus-related ads over these past few months and are continuing to work on preventing advertisers from misleading genuine customers, price gauging on much needed consumer staples and capitalising on medical supply shortages.

One example of this is a fraudulent advertisement used to sell face masks well above market value. This ad also drastically misrepresented the quality of the product and was quickly disapproved by the Google task force.

As a digital marketing agency supporting an array of businesses, Two Moons takes comfort in the knowledge that Google has automations in place and real people working to ensure the integrity of their platform remains intact - and that genuine businesses can operate in a fair ecosystem where they can promote their products and services.

From the perspective of a business owner, having the knowledge that when you advertise on Google you are using a safe, reliable platform that removes untrustworthy ads and makes sure that only accurate and legitimate advertising is authorised is paramount to building a solid marketing strategy that you can trust and feel comfortable investing in.

Phishing and “trick-to-click” ads can destroy trust in an industry and take valuable funds away from honest businesses. Google’s constant efforts to ensure this doesn’t happen is one of the many reasons you should be utilising the Google Ads platform in your marketing strategy.

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