Is your website’s SEO in safe hands?

All too often we hear from Australian businesses that have spent their hard-earned money on ineffective Search Engine Optimisation (SEO), promised by overseas companies the number one position on the front page of Google. The resulting experiences vary from disappointment to anger, with all affected frustrated when they realise they can no longer find their website. We’re sure that many of our industry colleagues would agree they have encountered similar situations.

The problem starts with the volume of spam that fills our inboxes every day from companies offering this guarantee. Often they accompany their emails with false information, such as:

  • Your site cannot be found on Google at all;
  • Your site is not in the top 100 listings;
  • Your site has been built very poorly and your competitors are winning your potential clients;
  • Your site has major technical issues and we can fix them; and
  • We can put you on the front page of Google in less than a month.

These are just a few of the examples we have seen, however, the list is endless.


Business owners need to be careful when embarking on an SEO campaign. If you get it wrong you risk losing your website and your web address forever on Google. However many businesses don’t understand what SEO involves and mistakenly open the door to let the wrong people in. Offers of cheap SEO and the promise of front-page ranking is hard to turn away – and we get that.

The reality is, effective Search Engine Optimisation requires a great degree of time invested into it, high levels of experience to implement it and does not come with a guarantee. Businesses won’t achieve overnight success.  And like any specialised service, SEO does not come cheap and true experts will not spam potential customers. On the contrary, they see business owners approaching them due to their recognised achievements and proven ability to provide a realistic service that will deliver results – over time.



The days of buying backlinks from overseas SEO companies are long over, as far as Google is concerned. Google now rewards websites that provide great user experience with front-page exposure, and it’s for this reason we recommend businesses seek advice from a reputable agency or SEO provider when embarking on their search engine optimisation strategy.


If you would like to find out more about SEO we are always happy to help. And while we can’t promise instant front-page exposure on Google, what we can provide is a solid SEO strategy that will work hard to get your business ahead of your competition online.

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