Making your website secure

Is your website secure?

Online security is becoming more critical than ever. Purchasing and installing an SSL certificate on your website will make it more secure, and provide a positive impression for both your current and potential customers. Without it, you might be inadvertantly losing business.


In addition to search ranking benefits you can also eliminate negative customer perceptions and experiences resulting in a NOT SECURE flag appearing in the browser next to your URL.

While your website may not have credit card facilities, your customers may be less inclined to provide personal details through contact forms that you rely on for leads and orders.

What is changing?

SSL stands for Secure Socket Layer, a standard encryption technology used to transfer data from a user’s browser to the web server. Websites use SSL encryption to prevent hackers from intercepting and misusing the data users leave on a website (via checkout pages, as well as registration or contact forms).

On a website, the secure transfer via a standard SSL certificate is marked with https:// in front of the website URL in the address bar, as opposed to http:// that represents a standard protocol on websites that do not use SSL. When a person visits a https:// page, therefore, his or her communications, data and transactions are safe from potential information skimming.

Google is constantly changing and updating algorithms and the way it ranks website but Google is focusing more on security and using it as a search ranking signal. Therefore, the more secure your site is the higher it will rank and those websites without the proper security will be penalized.

In addition, Google will indicate to visitors to your site in your browser settings whether your website has an SSL certificate and is therefore SECURE as per below:

Or does not have and SSL certificate installed and therefore marked as been NOT SECURE as per below:

Two Moons will purchase and install an SSL certificate across all pages on your website for $249 (incl. GST). We will invoice you annually $99 for the annual renewal fee to keep the certificate up to date. This will be incorporated into your annual hosting fee.

Feel free to contact us if you would like to learn more.

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