SEO - 2019

As we approach the end of 2019 marketers are even more aware that changes to Search Engine Optimisation will become more challenging as updates to browser platforms rollout multiple times a year. We used to see updates every 18 months to two years, but it seems that every three of four months we see updates from Google, and we wonder will there ever be a challenger to this Goliath?


The result of these changes is that we marketers are continually working to find out what exactly they have implemented. With AI become a leading factor of Google’s programming the race to keep up is going to become even more challenging in order to adapt our Search Engine Optimisation strategies. More importantly the challenge in these rollouts, is to work out those aspects that once were favourable that may in fact now work to the detriment of the sites we manage. 

The popularity of social media has seen some lesser experienced SEO practitioners reach notoriety due to their capacity to put a good spin on poor information with the results for some being less than desirable.

So believe it or not we are still seeing SEO offered by businesses that involves link buying, keyword optimisation (more like over – optimisation bordering on keyword stuffing). In one recent encounter we were being informed (from an overseas SEO company) that keyword stuffing was back, and that Google was showing favourable results towards 10% keyword insertion.

Yes, for those in the know you’re probably thinking no way, but there are still people out there doing serious SEO damage to the unknowing.

The biggest challenge facing marketers is sifting through what is outdated, red herrings, old information being passed off as new and the misinformation presented by those who think they know what they are doing.

The commitment to quality and a sharp eye will always be the deciding factor as to who wins the race to the top.


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