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In December 2013, Two Moons Consulting conducted market research with business owners and identified that a large number of business fell into the following categories:

  • Businesses that do not have the budget for a Marketing Coordinator;
  • Businesses that do not have the need for a full-time or even part-time Marketing Coordinator;
  • Business owners who want someone in charge of their marketing that knows their business well;
  • Business owners that have the vision for the direction of their company, but do not have the time or expertise to implement all of the strategies themselves.

We came up with a solution to these issues. We introduced a Marketing Consultancy service, where one of our marketing team will act as a “plug-in” for your business, for an allocated number of hours per month. By meeting with you monthly, and working closely with you and your team, your consultant gets to know the ins and outs and the strengths and weaknesses of your business, and can tailor your marketing strategies accordingly.

Tap into a pool of expertise

Working with a Marketing Professional allows you to benefit from the skillsets and expertise of our entire team. Your consultant will work alongside you to research and develop marketing strategies and then spend the time to roll out the marketing activities in a managed fashion.

Your Marketing Consultant will perform several key functions:

  • Analysing your market, current trends, and forecasting future search traffic
  • Recommending strategies to achieve desired short- and long- term marketing objectives
  • Implementing marketing strategies and coordinating all marketing activities
  • Reporting back on ROI achieved through marketing activities
  • Liaising with third parties and suppliers to ensure that work carried out is true to your brand and your strategy

What’s more, your consultant will engage in an INTEGRATED APPROACH – Marketing is not just about lead generation, but also about ways to encourage your customers to purchase more from you, build the relationship and encourage customer referrals.

A marketing package means that one of our marketing consultants will work with you every month to implement and coordinate the strategies mentioned above. They become an integral part of your business with the advice and insights they offer about your business and its marketing activities, as well as keeping abreast of new and emerging technologies.

Search marketing (SEM)
This is one of our strengths. Each of our consultants is a Google Adwords Qualified Individual. We construct highly granular campaigns to reach the right people and direct them to your website.

We utilise the services of an SEO specialist to achieve targeted, durable results.

Social media
As well as building a fanbase, social media can be used for remarketing purposes and to target people based upon their demographics. It has become one of the stronger marketing factors in that past few years.

Email marketing
We create and send branded email campaigns to databases to ensure we can increase customer loyalty through incremental increases in transactions.

Database management and producing and sending email newsletters. The delivery of brand consistent, SPAM compliant email marketing.

Display advertising
It’s critical that your brand is present at times your target audience are online. We create branded content to intercept consumers while they are researching, which builds their trust in your brand.

Website analysis and updates
Your website should be your most effective salesperson – It will speak to more potential customers each day than you could ever hope to. It’s critical that your website performance is closely monitored and that ongoing updates are made to ensure that it is converting at the highest rate possible. Your marketing consultant will be monitoring the performance of your website and making recommendations to improve its performance.

Brand management
Ensuring that your brand is consistent and that information is accurate, across all online channels.

The application of the written word through all areas of marketing to ensure consistency of brand, message and vision.

Print Management
Liaising with designers and printers to manage all print jobs.

Strategic Marketing
The creation of marketing plans with suggested activities to achieve your company’s ultimate goal.

Managed Marketing
The implementation of agreed marketing activities to ensure projects are delivered as agreed and on-time. On-going analysis and reporting of each activity to you.

You can have your own specialist marketing consultant without the need provide for salary, tax, sick leave or holidays. Each of our consultants Is part of team of specialists working behind the scenes for you.

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