Deb Macintyre — Creating Infinite Possibilities

We set out to reinvigorate the brand by building on existing strengths and clearly defining what the brand stands for, in order to develop an optimal brand strategy, marketing strategy, and website overhaul.

Deb Macintyre is an internationally renowned Shaman and Spiritual Teacher who's clients originate from all walks of life. In working with Deb they share in a common goal — "Manifesting real change in your life without any limitations or boundaries."


A Creative Brand Strategy

While working with Deb we discovered new ways in which to tell Deb's unique story to allow her audience to understand the benefits of her work, and how it can impact their experience of life. A new suite of composite images was created to visually communicate the substance of each of Deb's various courses and workshops.


Capturing the essence

An integral part of Deb's brand is of course, Deb herself. We needed the ability to portray Deb in a heroic light and really capture her essence throughout the website and marketing material. We set out on a photographic expedition to a secluded natural location that reflected Deb's personality.


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