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Immersive real world experience


Bringing the game to life

Inspiring the power of imagination

One of the primary objectives was to inspire users to imagine all the thrill of a paintball match from the comfort of their armchair. The dramatic presence of the heroic paintball players and their 3D environments appeals to the target market’s sensibilities, encouraging a positive vision of one’s self in those shoes. Establishing this emotional response with the user is significant in converting a potential lead.


Knowing our audience:

Devising a familiar experience

A familiar and intuitive User Experience removes as many road blocks as possible for users making the journey towards becoming a paying customer. In this case, the UI for the process of booking a paintball game was devised to provide an experience reminiscent to that of selecting a match in one of today’s hugely popular combat-style video games.


Robust and adaptable:

Responsive design, customisable content

Initially, the two central motives behind the project were the necessity for converting more users visiting from a mobile device, and delivering an easy to modify platform which could be adapted by the client themselves. This meant that a fully responsive web build was essential for removing all conceivable obstacles when navigating the site via mobile, as well as building in the ability for content to be updated.

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