We’re all expert Googlers, not everyone is a Google expert.

How often have you turned to family or colleagues and whispered, “But how does it know?!” Finding what you’re looking for on Google is almost instantaneous these days, and with little keyword input into your search. But even more awe-inspiring is that Google often knows what you want when you’re not even looking for it.

Ever been on a news website and an ad for that holiday you were recently Googling suddenly appears?

While it may seem like magic, the reality is there is a lot of technical wizardry and targeted advertising strategies at work that places brands directly in front of their target market on Google. But you don’t need to be a Google expert to devise a digital marketing strategy that will grow your business. You just need us, Two Moons Consulting, and our brains trust of Google-qualified digital advertising consultants.

Quality customers, just a Google click away.

As an official Google Partner, Perth-based Two Moons Consulting will approach your Google advertising campaign the same way we do our other services. Before we begin, we take the time to really understand your business and the competitive space you’re in. We want to know what knowledge you already have about digital advertising and Google, as we appreciate not everyone comes to us with the same level of understanding. We also want to know your goals and who it is you’re trying to reach.

From here, one of Two Moons’ highly-skilled and experienced online consultants will develop a Google advertising strategy that blends the right mix of digital activities to suit your individual requirements.


Boost quality website traffic with Google Ads.

Do I need Google Ads?

As a leading PPC advertising agency in Perth, Two Moons understands that an effective Google Ads campaign can greatly impact the quality of traffic to a business’ website. If your website is being visited by not just more people but by people who have already shown interest in the service you provide, they are more likely to make an enquiry.  

Google Ads is also highly measurable. Two Moons’ Google-certified professionals will test and track your campaign almost in real-time, monitoring which ads are working best and making tweaks and adjustments when needed. 

But I already have SEO… isn’t that enough?

SEO, or search engine optimisation, is a strategy used to drive organic (unpaid) visits to your website from Google. It’s not an overnight fix; it can take time for a website’s ranking on Google to improve especially if you're just getting started. Alternatively, SEM, or search engine marketing (Google Ads), can give your brand page one presence on Google – and quickly, too!

Why use Two Moons for my Google Ads campaign?

There are many reasons to engage us:  

  • Two Moon’s hand-picked team of Google-certified, highly-qualified digital marketing consultants will be managing your campaign. Your business will only be looked after by the best Google Ads experts in Perth.  
  • We are Perth-based and will manage your Google Ads campaigns in-house. 
  • Other agencies say it, but we really believe in transparency. You can access your Google Ads report at any time and always be across the performance of your campaign
  • Allows for a clear strategy – so you know what you are trying to achieve. 
  • Greater cost effectiveness through constant monitoring and opimisation that generates qualified traffic.
  • No lock-in contracts. That’s because we’re so confident you’ll get the results you’re after, you’ll want to keep us as your Google Ads management team. 
  • ‘Set and forget’ will never come into it. All aspects of your Google Ads performance will be carefully monitored, including regular testing of different ad formats.
  • Your report doesn’t just go into clicks and conversion rates. We look at phone calls, website enquiries, quality scores, insights, budget status… and so much more.
  • We are creative. We write killer copy and engaging headlines that will give you the competitive edge.
  • Two Moons’ lives and breathes lead generation. We are goal-oriented and will be always focused on your campaign’s ROI.

Learn more about running a successful Google AdWords campaign

Drive new leads with Google display advertising.

It can be challenging to reach a specific target market through offline advertising methods, such as TV or radio. These mediums are great at exposing brands to huge audiences but are expensive, difficult to measure and you will need to factor in costly ad production. 

A truly effective way to build brand awareness and drive website visits is a targeted display advertising campaign on Google. The Google Display Network is a platform that helps brands to reach their desired audience on their favourite websites, on YouTube or even when they’re checking their emails. Often complementing Google Ads, which reaches people through search engine marketing, a display advertising campaign can give your target market a visually-appealing introduction to your brand and the services you provide.

Engaging display campaigns that work.

Two Moons Consulting’s digital designers create display campaigns that are eye-catching, on-brand and with a clear call to action. Our innovative online media strategists will then take over, ensuring the placement and format of your ads will grab your target market’s attention. 

Great design + clever advertising placement = conversions for your business.

And just like our Google Ads management service, when Two Moons takes care of your Google display advertising, we will be fully transparent, providing regular reports and insights into the performance of your campaign.

Ready to meet your new customers with a Google display campaign?

Reconnect with your audience using Google remarketing.

Search and display remarketing campaigns cleverly put your brand in front of your target market after they’ve visited your website. Similar to a Google display advertising campaign, or Google Ads search engine marketing (SEM), remarketing utilises the Google Display Network of websites and through powerful ad placement will give your brand repeat exposure to your target audience.

When managing your Google remarketing campaign, Two Moons’ creative designers and digital media experts will develop a strategy that encourages repeat website visitation and enquiries. Two Moons will also give you access to in depth reporting and offers full transparency throughout your campaign.

Ready to further engage with potential customers through Google remarketing? 

Discover how Two Moons has grown our clients’ brands with Google Advertising.

As a digital marketing agency, Two Moons has been rated by Google as having one of the highest Google Advertising Campaign client retention rates in Australia. Have an obligation-free chat with us today about how we can help your brand grow its presence online.

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