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Two Moons Consulting provides achievable and measurable expert SEO services in Perth and throughout Australia.

Is there any digital marketing topic more discussed in the last few years than Search Engine Optimisation? SEO is the key phrase of our day for good reason... search engines such as Google are the main way we find information in the digital age. So if everyone uses Google to find businesses like yours (and they do) then getting on the front page is a do-or-die affair. Your business can only benefit from expert SEO consulting.

Staying ahead of the competition

The first thing to recognise is your website is your best salesperson. The chances are it will be viewed by more people than you and all your team will likely talk to in one year. It is available 24 hours a day, 365 days of the year. It is generally the first point of reference when someone hears your name or information about your service or product offering or is referred to you. 

So realising all of this, isn’t it important that people find your website before your competitors?

There have been many "SEO" companies and individuals throughout Australia supplying SEO services to businesses in need of getting their websites to the front page of Google. The recent collapse of one of Australia's largest SEO agency has suddenly left many wondering where to turn. Before you make any decision to engage a company we recommend you meet with us first. We WILL make sure you have a clear understanding of what this process is all about and what to watch out for.  
The recent changes to Google's technology has resulted in many optimisation methods causing businesses to fall off the front page and in worst case scenarios become de-listed within Google.

Google has become a household name, used every day, from searching for a business, a product, a service or even Googling yourself. Your ranking on Google has a powerful effect on your business. The majority of people searching on Google, click a result found on the first page of Google (89%). Without a professionally written SEO strategy by an agency that knows what they are doing, you can miss out on business. Our campaigns can push your business to the front page listings on Google.

With our industry -eading techniques and masterful coding practices, which can optimise your website to outperform your competition. Our practices will not only rank your website on the first page of Google, but make sure it stays there.

Once we have you there the next phase of our practice is to analyse the ability of your website to convert viewers into leads. Our knowledge of buyer and user behaviour has helped many of our clients turn a poor performing website into their best lead generator.

Being on the front page of Google is like having your business shop front open to the busiest walkway in the world. Every day thousands of searchers will have the opportunity to discover your business before your competitors.

In many cases many people have the view that a business that occupies a front-page position on Google must be a good business or a big business. Why shouldn't your business be there?

Our consistently-high page rankings apply beyond just a home page and can include many of the internal pages of a website, meaning your site could occupy more than one position on page one. We work with you to ensure your you dominate the real estate of page one, with map listings and other aspects that can ensure your visibility on the internet is as visible as it can be. 

Whether you have an existing campaign or you want to try this for the first time, speak to us to about the right strategy for your business.

Our Search Engine Marketing Agency service is provided on a month by month no lock-in arrangement. Obviously, a website will not miraculously appear on the front page overnight. It takes careful implementation and strategy to ensure the site deserves to be on page one and remain there. Once there the work continues. Your website will be tested and its performance measured to ensure there is an efficient return on investment (ROI). 

If you are looking for the best SEO expert Perth has to offer, then look no further than Two Moons, ranking clients in a variety of business categories.Sputnik.jpg

When Being First Counts 

Things You Should Know

Google has always stated openly that it favours websites that provide people with a good user experience. Herein lies the key.

Every day many business owners receive emails and telephone calls from people offering SEO services. 

Some come in the format of an email with diagrams and charts indicating the clients website is built poorly and does not rank at all. Some go so far as to state that the website is due to be de-listed by Google.  Others receive telephone calls from people perporting to be experts making similar claims.

These are scare tactics designed to obatin engagement with the sender. These people tend to make promises of Page 1, Position 1 Google rankings. In many cases the information provided is false and misleading. 

Others claim that your website is built using a content management system (CMS) that does not support SEO. There are some "SEO Experts" who profess that the Wordpress CMS is the only one that supports SEO.  This is also not completely true. Whilst the Wordpress CMS provides SEO firms with some easy tools to use, there are a range of factors including the quality and quantity of content on your website that will determine where your website will appear in the rankings. 

A website must be responsive. Google has provided a lot of literature around responsive websites and we know that a truly responsive website with good content will be favoured over an unresponsive website.

Google rankings are being affected by the location of your business and the location of the searcher. As Google improves its ability to test and measure the true location of a business it is also using its technology to provide a person searching for a product or service with businesses that are closest to their current location. It may not always be possible to be listed as a number 1, page 1 ranking for a search term if your business is in a location such as Jooondalup or Mandurah.

“I've seen people adding lots of keywords in my text."

This is old SEO and can prove very dangerous to your website ranking. Google's technology is very skilled at reading and quality scoring content in websites.

Over use of key phrases or words on a webpage (referred to as keyword stuffing) can result in Google moving a website to positions lower than page 5 (a 5 page slap).

Plagiarism (copying another’s text and making a few name and word changes) is rife and their technology will very quickly pick this up, resulting in a poor-quality score for your website.

Backlinking to websites is something that can also result in a website being pushed down the rankings. This is a problem for some businesses who engaged overseas companies to optimise their websites.

Robotic programs that automatically added backlinks to a website have been left running long after the client has finished doing business with them.

These links are referred to as toxic backlinks and can impact on your websites ability to be ranked favourably. There are many other aspects that can impact on your website’s ability to be ranked favourably by Google.

"I can get SEO for $200 a month"

Proper Search Engine Optimisation takes more than a few minutes a month. Real experts do not attain their credentials from a week's work. It comes from years of application, testing and measuring aspects of websites in order to determine what the search robots will favour and what they will punish. 

Proper SEO is not achieved in a few weeks. Search Engine Optimising a website to the front page too quickly can result in it being flagged by Google and even being de-listed from appearing in Google.

When SEO is done properly the results begin to appear steadily and moreover when Google makes changes to their technology the site should only shift within a few places. 

The important thing is to speak to someone with a proven track record. Our SEO specialist has that proven track record. 

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