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An official Google Partner, Two Moons is a fully-qualified, Perth-based digital marketing agency with proven expertise in delivering impactful search engine optimisation (SEO) services that make websites truly stand out. 

When being first counts, SEO can help you get ahead of your online competition.

Our team is highly-skilled and experienced. Two Moons’ Perth SEO consultants have been hand-picked to provide the best search engine optimisation packages available in Perth.

But where we really excel is our depth of marketing expertise across a broad range of industries, and business types. You see, we are more than just Perth SEO specialists and keyword analysts. As a full-service agency we are digital marketers, branding experts and communications professionals and will use our collective knowhow to provide you with a tailored SEO and content strategy that will generate results and long-term business growth.  

Demystifying SEO

SEO is technical, ever-changing and can be confusing for the inexperienced. A lot of our Perth and Australia-wide clients come to Two Moons unsure where to begin with SEO, or how much budget to set aside for an SEO strategy. Many clients are in the dark about how Google rewards websites with a solid search engine optimisation strategy in place and are therefore unsure why their websites aren’t ranking on page one.  

What exactly is SEO?

SEO, or search engine optimisation, is a digital marketing activity that drives qualified visitors to your website through organic search results on Google.

Everyone’s done it. We’ve all jumped on the internet and typed in a phrase or term for what we want to search for. It might be, “best restaurants in Perth”, or “cheap holiday packages to Bali”. Whatever it is your looking for, businesses will be desperately hoping their Perth SEO strategy will bring their website up on page one of the search results and is therefore more likely to be clicked on by you.

But like any form of technology, SEO is ever-evolving and it’s critical that a business engages a search engine optimisation expert to ensure their website is ranking as high as possible on Google.

Why should my website have an SEO strategy in place?

89% of people conducting an internet search will click on a listing found on the first page of their search results. Without a solid SEO strategy in place, your website won’t be found on Google and you could be missing out on business. SEO is critical - it’s as simple as that.

Is SEO the same as SEM?

No. SEM, or search engine marketing, is often referred to as Google Ads and is a form of paid digital advertising. Businesses that are running SEM campaigns will have a small ‘Ad’ box appear in their search results and are found at the top of page one.  

When we refer to ‘organic search’ results we are referring to the unpaid website listings that organically appear under paid ads. These businesses will have a powerful SEO strategy in place that blends technical expertise behind the scenes with engaging and keyword-rich content.  

How can Two Moons help with my SEO campaign for Perth?

As Perth SEO experts with Google certification, Two Moons is highly-skilled at uncovering keywords and search terms that will give your website the leading SEO edge. In addition to having the technical expertise needed to provide SEO services, our SEO specialists are talented content creators and can provide recommendations and copywriting services that will not only positively impact your SEO but give your website visitors the most engaging user experience possible.

We have a solid understanding of how best to bring your content and SEO keywords together in a way that will make your website rank and drive qualified visits. And if your visitors are getting what they need from your website, they’ll be more likely to become your newest customer.

A Two Moons SEO strategy can push your business to the first page of listings on Google.


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