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Search Engine Marketing

Search Engine Marketing is the most effective form of advertising in Australia

The advertising landscape has completely changed since the advent of mobile technology. The ongoing development of Google Advertising and Bing Advertising has seen a massive shift away from tradition mediums such as print based directories. For instance, how many times per day do you reach for the Yellow Pages? How confident are you in the current effectiveness of traditional media? The fact is that online advertising is the most viewed and the most versatile platform that exists. If your business doesn't have a skilled and qualified Google AdWords manager, your search engine marketing is probably not as effective as it could be.

Even if your business needs to advertise via traditional media such as radio, TV or print, there should be an online component to explore and create digital markets. Updating or converting your business' marketing to capitalise on digital opportunities is a painless and rewarding process with Two Moons Consulting.

Two Moons Consulting is an official Google partner

When it comes to AdWords management and search engine marketing, it is imperative your business is in the hands of a fully qualified expert. Two Moons Consulting are Google partners – receiving the best training across Google's entire suite of services and apps. Our clients reap the benefits of this expertise. The team members in charge of your website, search engine marketing and AdWords management are trained and authorised in Google Analytics and Google AdWords.

Whether you are new to AdWords, or have existing campaigns, we can help you.

We provide full transparency with spends and results

How we spend your money is how we spend our own... carefully and with purpose. We analyse the online marketing needs of your business, and devise a multi-level strategy that accounts for all money spent. This strategy is constantly revised to adapt to growth and new marketing streams becoming available. We present you with monthly reports, outlining all advertising spends and results. You will always know exactly how well your online marketing is doing.

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