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With our Websites you can get your business up and running for under a thousand dollars.

Every business needs a website, but most established business owner will tell you just how difficult it was to get one up and running. We’ve seen the pitfalls that many encounter, and are here with the remedy - our WebRent Plan. We understand the importance of creating a professional website, one that is fully responsive and designed to communicate effectively with your target audience. For many start-ups and small to medium businesses, the challenge is getting started with one that will help to generate leads in the most cost effective-way possible. Our WebRent Plan provides you with a fully responsive, purposefully designed website to maximise potential leads. All of our websites are SEO compliant and coded to an extremely high standard using an open source content management system at the cutting edge of usability and security. Better still, we’re there to guide and support you along the life of the website - ensuring your website is always looking its best.

Website Rental Features


Guided Process

We are here to help right from the start. We provide the guidance and expertise required for creating quality content, and an easy step-by-step build process.


Maintenance included

We allocate monthly maintenance hours for updates such as text and image changes, and important back end updates to keep you running smoothly and hassle-free.


Locally Built & Managed

While some turn to overseas companies for cheap solutions, we have seen that more often than not, this exercise can result in a significantly higher long-term cost.


Purposeful Branding

Your new website needs to have an impact. We can help by designing a new logo, corporate colours and fonts, to ensure your business presents at it’s highest potential.


Easy to Manage Plans

The initial road block to getting a quality website up and running is removed by our easy monthly plans. As your site generates income, it practically pays for itself!


Lifetime Support

We take the dependability and security of every website we build very seriously. Should there be any issues with the status of your site, we see to it immediately.

Website Rental Examples

Website Rental Plans

Features Placeholder Starter Business Custom E-commerce
Max number of content pages 1 5 10 12 10
Hours allocated for maintenance and website updates 0 1 1 2 2
Allocated space for website and emails 0.5 Gb 1 Gb 1 Gb 1 Gb 2 Gb
Max number of different page styles 1 3 4 4 6
Domain name registration if required          
Hosting account with cPanel          
Your website reflecting your brand colours          
Basic SEO with friendly urls, keywords and guide          
Google analytics and webmaster verification included          
Rotating banner          
Banners with text and link to page          
Fully custom designed website for your business          
Shopping cart with up to 40 products included          
Payment gateways configured          
Special offer

If you don’t have a logo, we can create a hi-res logo suited for your business, including a business card design ready for print. This is a one off payment of $550.

We can assist you with photography and copywriting services.

Price per month $66 $99 $175 $250 $255


Set up fee and service terms



Starter Business Custom design E-commerce
Set-up fee $169 $375 $375 $375 $575
Minimum service term 3 months 24 months 24 months 24 months 24 months


How it works

Choose a plan that best suits you.


Call us on (08) 9300 1888 or email on info@twomoonsconsulting.com.au to organize and discuss:

  • Your business and we’ll help pick a site design best for you, based on our collective marketing experience.
  • The best rental plan for you
  • Any other questions you might have

Once we know what type of design you’ll need we’ll help you with getting your content together:

  • Our content guide will help you prepare you content for each page
  • We will need a hi-resolution image of your logo
  • You will need to provide us your images or we can choose them for you from licenced stock.

Once we have all the material required we will build your website within 7 – 14 days. You will get the chance to review the site before we put it live on the web and presto your business will have a respectable fully responsive website.

We ensure your website CMS and any addons are up to date within the main version of the CMS.

Apart from the Placeholder plan each of our other plans provides you with a certain number of hours each month for updates, maintenance and content updates you may wish to have changed.

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