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Make your social media marketing as effective as possible

Social media marketing has stormed its way to prominence throughout the past five years. Facebook advertising alone is now a huge part of business marketing, with a global reach of millions. Additional avenues for social media advertising exist through services like Instagram, YouTube, Linkedin and Snapchat, which all offer unique marketing opportunities. There is so much versatility available that some businesses rely almost solely on the power of social media.

In many ways, this is the goldrush period for social media marketing. Everyone wants to stake their claim. To stand out from the pack, you need a social media expert that gets results. That's where Two Moons Consulting come in. We apply our considerable knowledge to give your business its most competitive edge.

We get the social media results you're looking for

You probably already use social media personally and for your business – sharing photos on Instagram, networking on Linkedin, and using facebook as your online hub. To turn these platforms into marketing frameworks is difficult enough, but trickier still is turning them into revenue. This is a claim all social media marketing agencies will make, but one only the best actually deliver. Our results absolutely speak for themselves. We increase your traffic and click-through rate, increase your leads, and convert clicks into sales.

Many agencies will just overwhelm you to try and win your business; clobbering you with acronyms like CPC, CTR, CPL and CPS until the entire process seems confusing. We don't have to do that because there is a simple explanation... we help you target your existing customers, attract new ones and re-engage with lost customers. How? By creating effective ads that are relevant to them. In doing this we increase the effectiveness of your ads to make conversions, which then increases the value of each dollar in your budget / reduces the cost per click.

The most recent platform to introduce a marketing platform is Snapchat. Whilst predominantly used by the younger generation, (gen Y's and onwards) the capacity to reach out with short sharp messages and images is a fast way to promote your brand, services and products.  Find out more by talking to one of our marketing specialists. 

Powerful facebook pages that you can manage yourself

With facebook specifically, we will create an effective page for your business (or optimise the one you already have) so it reaches conversion targets. We will show you how to manage this page yourself – teaching you or someone in your business how to run it like a pro. Your facebook page will be in perfect sync with your facebook advertising for lead creation, so that your ads are enticing to customers, and your landing page stands the highest chance of turning those leads into sales. 

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